About VEÅ

VEÅ has 35 employees. The annual turnover will be about 80 MSEK, of which 1/3 are generated from aftermarket. The company's offices and workshop is located in Sävsjö.

The business

VEÅs major business is based on the company's unique expertise in heat loaded pressure vessels and steam systems.

With these starting point VEÅ:

  • meet the market needs of individual pressure vessels and complete steam and hot water facilities.

  • develop and manufacture oil and gas-, exhaust and pellet fired boilers with power up to 30 MW.

  • actively offer services through the entire product life cycle.

The vision

Continuous improvements and market experience makes VEÅ a flexible quality company where customer needs and expectations always are met.


VEÅs main markets are Sweden and Norway. All companies with a need for heat or steam plants or single pressure vessels that VEÅ can design and manufacture are potential customers